Game on….

I kicked back into structured training around two weeks ago after taking pretty much 3 weeks fully of Tri Training. I kept active with some hiking, an impromptu trip to Donegal for a bit of surfing and plenty of days down Gravity climbing wall.

Gravity Climbing
Gravity Climbing

In case anyone was worried I did manage to get a few late nights in on the sauce. The usual story, I’ll go for one or two and head home early!! 6 hours and twice as many pints later……

We've all been there
We’ve all been there

To be honest I’m kinda surprised how good the body is feeling now that I’m back swim/bike/running. It’s hard to know how much fitness you’ll lose fluting around for a few weeks, but the Garmin and Power meter don’t lie. The numbers out running, on the bike and in the pool are very positive. I’m still taking it relatively easy as experience has thought me not to jump straight back into 20+ hours a week. The body just can’t handle it. I’ve been upping the hours each week and should be back around the 25hour mark come the start of December.

Hellfire hero
Hellfire hero

It’s great to be back wearing tracks around the hedges of Tymon Park and the forest trails of The Hellfire club and Massys wood.   The weather has been a bit rough the last two weeks so I’ve been getting the hours in on the rollers down the shed of dreams.(countless Olympic medals have been won down there!)

They see me rolling
They see me rolling

I’m in the process of finalizing details with some new sponsors and should be able to reveal who ill be working with for the coming year later this week. Its exciting and reassuring to know that some well established brands want to team up and work with me. More on this in the next few days.

Peace out,



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