YPB – living your personal best.

I’m delighted to announce I’ve teamed up with sports nutrition game changers YPB.


YPB was set up by a mix of sports physicians, nutritionists and elite athletes to help athletes and activity enthusiasts “live their personal best”. 

Through their professional experience, analysis of the best international research and the use of precision technology they offer Personalized Sports Nutrition.

With organic, tasty, plant-based whole food in Continue reading “YPB – living your personal best.”

Super serials…

Oh my god… How are you?? Its been soooo long… What are you up to? We should totally meet more often….

It really has been far too long, far too long and we defo should meet more often. For serials, for super serials!!!

It has been pointed out to me many times by many people over the last few months that I haven’t updated my blog. I didn’t really need to be reminded, as every Monday since November I’ve said to myself “I’ll get a blog up this week”.  Needless to say a few Mondays have passed in that time. Continue reading “Super serials…”

Irish Sprint Champs

The Sprint Champs was one of my main targets for the year. I planned my race schedule and training around been in top shape for it. It took me a little be longer to recover from Riga then I’d hoped, but once recovered I had a month of full gas training to lead me into the Champs. Training was going very well and I was hitting some very good numbers across all 3 sports. With the good numbers and a serious amount of creeping on the race results of all the main contenders I knew it was a race I could win. I wanted to add a National title to my name and planned my race tactics to make that happen.


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Riga European Cup


The phrase ‘It’s Baltic out’ clearly got lost in translations somewhere between the Baltic sea and Ireland. The clock read 25 degrees at 11pm on Friday, 28 degrees at 8am on Saturday and was up to 32 degrees by lunch time. I now know the true meaning of ‘It’s Baltic out’. Luckily for me, Sunday brought cooler temperatures and we raced under clouds at a more reasonable 23 degrees. Continue reading “Riga European Cup”