Summer days….

The weather has been pretty muck here in Dublin since getting back into training at the start of November. It always is but this year there seems to be more rain the usual!! In saying that my training is progressing well and each week I’m doing a little more, with more structure and focus.

November and December are full off cross-country races and mountain running races. Id penciled myself in for 3 weeks of racing in the lead up to the Triathlon Ireland winter camp in Spain in December. Continue reading “Summer days….”

ROTOR Powers Me

I’m delighted to announce I’ve teamed up ROTOR bike components.


Ill be racing and training with Rotor power cranks and Qrings. Rotor power cranks are the new gold standard in power meters, light and extremely accurate. I cant wait to get them onto the bike and see what these legs can do!! Continue reading “ROTOR Powers Me”

Back to the future

The 2014 season was a successful albeit mixed one for me. I ended 2013 on a high with some big performances in the UK, 4th overall in the British Super series and a World Cup start.

I kicked into training for 2014 at the start of November. The body felt great and I started back into it in better shape then I ever had before. November ended up been a busy month for the other kind of sessions with my  mate stags and wedding , Pulse tri clubs 10 year ball and my scout groups 40th year anniversary Ball. Needless to say the body took bit off a pounding, but  I still went into December fitter and stronger than any previous year. Continue reading “Back to the future”

Alright Kiaadd!!!


After months of procrastination I’ve finally gotten this website off the ground. I’ll be keeping it updated regularly with how my training and racing are going. News on my sponsors and what I’m up to in life in general.

I’ll have a review of the 2014 season and my plans for 2015 up very shortly. For now follow me on twitter, add this site to your bookmarks and check out my sponsors.