YPB – living your personal best.

I’m delighted to announce I’ve teamed up with sports nutrition game changers YPB.


YPB was set up by a mix of sports physicians, nutritionists and elite athletes to help athletes and activity enthusiasts “live their personal best”. 

Through their professional experience, analysis of the best international research and the use of precision technology they offer Personalized Sports Nutrition.

With organic, tasty, plant-based whole food ingredients,  YPBs range of bars deliver sports nutrition that benefits your health while optimising performance.



I am a renowned fussy eater and can verify that not only have they the science down, the bars taste amazing as well.(Even the beetroot!)

As I’m sure you know, the last year has been a total write off for me with a very, very, very stubborn injury that has taken an immense amount of time and effort to get on top off. To have a brand like YPB come on board at a time like this is a massive confidence boost for me and adds to my motivation in coming back faster and stronger.

I’m looking forward to adding YPB to my training and seeing what we can do together.

As well as their website linked above, YPB can be found on the social media @ Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


P.S. If you want to live your personal best, you can get 50% off your first order with the code YPB-50



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