Not much about anything…

11173364_10205131611423143_4448071904196229830_n (2)[1]My apologies for the lack of blogging over the last few months!!! I know some of you have been sitting at home on the edge of your couches waiting to find out what I’ve been up to.


I wish I had some awesome stories of sporting heroics for you but I’ve been keeping quite and just plugging away with training. Swim, bike, run, gym, repeat!6tag-776937514-985470569172914033_776937514  Since getting home fromLanzarote the body has been feeling good. My power numbers on the bike are well up from this time last year and are slowly becoming numbers I’ll admit in public. I’m lucky to have the support from ROTOR behind me. Its reassuring to know the numbers on-screen are the numbers I’m pushing. I’ve been bike racing once or twice a week since early April and can be found suffering around Mondello most Tuesday nights. Not only is the racing great fun its direct race practice for the Elite Tris, taking turns/sitting in/sprinting outta corners…

In the water and through the fields there’s not much to report. I’m getting it done. The legs are feeling good and my tempo pace has gotten quicker since January which is a good sign. I have had a few little niggles running but I doubt there’s an athlete out there who’s 100% all the time. I’m working with the best there is and Ciaran always has me back in action almost immediately.

Race season is close. I’ll be kicking off at the British Triathlon Super Series opener in Blenheim in a few weeks time. To be honest I cant wait to get it going. As much as I love the training, racing is what it’s all about. It’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t race what that buzz is like. It’s what motivates me to train hard and push myself everyday. This’ll be my 6th year( gezzz that makes me feel old) racing in the BSS and I’ve made some good friend over the years so I’m looking forward to mixing it up on the race course with the guys again.

Just realised I’ve no pic’s of me run training so you’ll have to do with another one of me on the bike.










Thanks again to my sponsors ROTOR, Westpark Fitness and Amphibian King for their continued support. Having such well-respected and market leading companies behind me is a massive confidence boost and leaves me in no doubt I’ve got the team behind me to get where I wanna go. Check out there websites on the left.

With the summer about to start I promise this blog will be updated on a much more regular basis. For pretty much daily updates on my goings on, follow me on Twitter @neilbolger and on Instagram @neilbolger

Don’t leave it so long next time,



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